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About us

The college is managed by the Guruji Educational Trust. The Trust established in the year 1996 for the cause of quality education in the city has been rendering laudable and noteworthy service in the field of school education. The Trust is enviable in its status and stability by virtue of being owned and managed by a highly qualified elite family of this mini-metropolis. During the past Ten years, since its formation and launching its singular well-directed service to the public cause, the Trust has earned its unquestionable reputation among the public. The highly educated and illustrious members work with a common vision consistently and untiringly, to offer the best ever educational service to the public through their three institutions viz. Sri Aurobindo Mira Matric.Hr.Sec.School, Sri Aurobindo Mira College of Education, and Sri Aurobindo Universal School. The vision of the Trust members is far reaching beyond the mundane values of paper education. The Trust opines and works for inculcating among the younger generation the values of life and citizenry consciousness.