Resource Centres
Effective mastery of teaching skills and strategies for micro-classroom situation and macro-classroom situation are stabilized and saturated with appropriate inputs available in the respective Resource Centre.
Student - teachers are either Graduates or Post Graduates with adequate subject knowledge in their Disciplines. But, the human curiosity and inquisitive mind besides the eagerness to know more through hands-on - experience continues to keep the adult learners desire for observing, doing, knowing and applying by himself or herself. To boost up the scientific spirit and to sustain interest in Active Learning Methods, students - teachers are allowed to visit these Resource Centres as part of curricular schedule.
A Samtran is a special individual in whom the passion for perfection and the eagerness to excel are kindled and conserved with maternal care and a paternal concern.
SAMCE Resource Centres are utilized by the student - teachers to prepare themselves to meet the future Cyber class rooms, Digital classrooms and smart classrooms. The student-teachers are systematically exposed to handle all kinds of audio and visual aids and to operate both software and hardware technology for instructional classes.