To create awareness about blindness and issues of vision, World Sight day is celebrated every year on the 13th day of October. To create awareness among our student teachers and faculty of SAMCE, a visit to St. Joseph’s school for the Blind, Madurai was organised. The whole experience, if not a revelation, was tremendous. It was a wonderful opportunity for Our student teachers and the faculty to sit with the children from the school and interact with them. The closeness and comfortless with which they gelled was incredible. Our students also got to learn the methodologies that are being used in the school in the teaching learning process, the kind of software they use to make the process easier and more effective. The interactions between the students of the school and our SAMCE faculty were heartwarming to say the least and educational. As a token of love and respect, the student teachers of SAMCE gifted to the school a few musical instruments for their learning and entertainment purposes. The muscles in your eyes are the most active muscles in your body. Pledge to take care of your eye health and that of those around you.