The festival of Diwali is proof that Good always triumphs over Evil. Diwali is a symbol of hope and happiness for humankind. Diwali is not a celebrated festival but rather a festival of celebration. It imparts the importance of faith and kindness in humankind inorder to eliminate the darkness that often plagues the earth. To eliminate the darkness, quite literally, loud firecrackers, night time fireworks and lamp lighting are found to be a significant tradition. But the excitement and enthusiasm can at times blind our vision and cloud our mind. As to create awareness regarding Fire Safety During the festive season, a rally was organised by the Red Ribbon Club of the SAM group of educational institutions named Safe and Healthy Diwali. More than hundred students of Sri Aurobindo Mira matriculation Higher Secondary School, Aurobana Indian School and Sri Aurobindo Mira College of Education came together and rallied the areas around the educational institutions (Nehru Nagar) to spread awareness regarding Fire Safety.