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Study tour, field trips & camps
SAMCE student - teachers are taken to study tours, field trips and given camping experience. Educational Tour is an annual feature to enable the student teachers to explore knowledge relevant to their discipline.
Short picnics and excursions are arranged to serve the double purpose of gaining more knowledge by actual experience and relaxing for a while from class room monotony. These are provided partly as co curricular activities and partly as outdoor exposures. Such programmes punctuate the course period of one year.
The purpose of tours, field trips and camps are to educate the student - teachers in sharing and shouldering responsibilities towards planning, preparing, arranging, organizing and executing several outdoor adventures. The participants learn through their sensorial experiences and gain immeasurable benefits. These programmes are directed to develop in the student teachers independence, initiative and a sense of shared responsibility in work experience. These programmes are organized to upgrade the student-teachers knowledge and escalate their skills to become successful professionals.