Intra College Competition



Program Event Topic Competition Guest
1 17.07.18 Guest Lecture Bloom's Taxonomy Dr.Gabriel jeyachandran
2 13.09.18 Panel Discussion Present Scenario of Communication

Modertaor - Ms.Diana

3 15.09.18 Guest Lecture Mind Mrs.Angel
4 26.09.18 Panel Discussion How they Teachers Should be prepared to face the 21 st Generation students Modertaor-Ms.Gnana Sundari
5 11.10.18 Panel Discussion Moderator-Ms.Malathy
6 25.10.18 Panel Discussion What Makes The Teacher more Effectual?Technical Or Soft Skills? Moderator-Mr.Bharath
7 22.10.18 Panel Discussion Schools for Parents-Is the need of Society Now? Moderator-Ms.Pandeeswari
8 30.08.2019 Symposium The National Education Policy Moderator-Mr.Gopala Krishnan


The National Education Policy-30.08.2019