“Teaching profession is not just delivering facts but it is the offering of exemplification of motivation, stimulation, and application.”

            SAMCE  has a personality building, individual architecting, destination oriented Pedagogical system which believes in not only adherence to the University prescribed syllabi but also in a total exposure to wholesome teacher education through first- hand experience by practical involvement. Student – teachers are guided to write lesson plans catering to learners multiple intelligences. Our co-curricular and extra -  curricular activities are planned accordingly. Each activity is organized to promote the zeal for learning; a personal quest for knowing and doing and development of professional traits and ethical standards. This includes the formal requirements of the course curriculum spread over one year for both theory and practical. Alongside class room instruction the student – teacher is taught to handle the various audio – visual aids with a view to making their teaching livelier, interesting and effective. Periodical evaluation of performance is strengthened by planned assignment tasks and competency based work. Regularity, punctuality, promptness, and politeness are insisted through the credit point system.