Diwali Celebration @ SAM group of Institutions-2022


All the lights of the world cannot be compared even to a ray of the inner light of the self and each and every single flame in this universe deserves to be in the limelight and celebrated as their power and warmth contributes, however small it may be, to keep us moving. To celebrate the inner light of every member of the SAM family, a commemoration function was organised in our campus. Hundreds of Students from SAM group of educational institutions participated in the programmes and showcased their talents. Every Dancer, actor and speaker from different institutions took it upon themselves to light the Dais with their exuberant performances. The story of how the courageous Satyabhama killed the monstrous villain Narakasura to eliminate the darkness from this universe was portrayed in various styles by the students from different institutions and every version had something unique to make it stand out. The dancers and speakers absorbed all the energy from the audience and radiated it back to them. The occasion in itself glowed bright with the presence of our ever charming director Mr. M C Abilash and the principals of all the institutions. A life size doll of the villainous Narakasura was made for the students to reenact the glorious scene from history. There’s always going to be darkness and evil in this world, plaguing goodness and truth. A flame of fire however can bring light to the darkest of nights and being able to see that is called Hope. In this festive season, let’s all come together, have loads of sweets, spread a lot of love and be the light this world needs. Let’s celebrate the ones around us and be each other’s ray of hope. Wish you all a happy and safe Diwali.