YMCA School Visit -2022


YMCA School Visit

A world that has no sound might sound bizzare for some of us but for a lot of people out there, it’s the reality. It’s their life. To create awareness among the student teachers and faculty of SAMCE about Hearing impairment and issues regarding hearing impairment, a visit to YMCA Kamal Higher Secondary School, Madurai was organised. The whole experience, if not a revelation, was a wonderful opportunity for our student teachers and the faculty to interact with the children from the school and understand their hardships. The students and faculty of SAMCE got to observe and learn about how and why speech therapy is given to children using different equipment at an early age and the methodologies that are being used in the school in the teaching learning process. Our SAMTRANS family members also got to taste and enjoy some eatables that the children learnt to make from their skill development classes. “Blindness separates us from things but deafness separates us from people”, said Helen Keller. But the way the children from the school welcomed us with confidence and love, into their space and hearts made us realise that impairment is not their disability but uniqueness. After all, the power of hope is stronger than anything imaginable, and filled to the brim with the power of hope and faith they were