World Soil Day
 There can be no life without soil and no soil without life; they have evolved together”.

To celebrate and protect the soil that creates and sustains life, World Soil Day is commemorated on the 5th of December every year. To make the future generation a part of the world they will be living in, a seed ball throwing activity was conducted. In order to get a wholesome experience, the student teachers of SAMCE made seed balls from scratch with a mixture of seeds, sand, clay and all the other essentials. The seed ball preparation began on the 2nd of December(Friday) and air fired well for 2 days. A trip to the Madakkulam tank was organised this morning(Monday-05.12.2022) where the future and current generation teachers threw the seeds on the water bank. To spread awareness among the public, bags of seed balls were distributed to the local residents for them to plant and care for nature, thus our world. To educate the 1st year student teachers of SAMCE regarding the importance of soil and the lives of the organisms living in it, a guest lecture was also organised. Mr. Rajesh, an Assistant Professor of Zoology from The American College, Madurai was invited to address the gathering on the occasion.