To make the pre-service teachers of SAMCE aware of the significant role mountains play in the lives of every creature on earth and commemorate the theme of International Mountain Day’22, “Women Move Mountains”, a trekking adventure trip was arranged for the first and second year student teachers- a lot containing a majority of women and the faculty of SAMCE. A short van trip from the college campus to the foothills of Samanar Hill was arranged after which the adventure began. The students and the faculty members climbed the rock hard hill to feel one with nature. The trek was hard and painful as mother nature has done a wonderful job in creating the masterpiece, but it was also satisfactory and peaceful. Whoever said that the best of views come after the hardest of climbs was certainly right. The first wind after reaching the top of the mountain was a warm welcome hug to the enjoyment ahead.. The view from up top was definitely worth all the pain and fear that was felt by some of our students and faculty alike. An hour of enjoyment at the top of the hill, bags of snacks and 100s of photos later, the climb down began.After reaching the foothills another small trek to the Jain Cave, that wasn’t so far began. After spending an hour or so eating and dancing there, a small lunch break was given which was followed by the return journey to the campus. Nature is not always serious. Most of it is meant to be explored and enjoyed with a smile on our faces, especially mountains for they’re a metaphor of life. Just like everyone wants to be on cloud nine always in life, everyone wants to live on top of the mountain, but what we need to realise is that all the happiness and growth occurs while we’re climbing it.