Christmas is more than a festival or season. Christmas is a feeling. A feeling of joy and togetherness which is why it is celebrated all over the world in the winter season to spread the warmth of love and compassion. Though we don’t see actual snow here, the pureness of white is certainly seen around in the happy faces of our loved ones. To celebrate this pureness and happiness, a programme was organised for the students and faculty of SAM group of educational institutions. Students from all the institutions rocked the stage with their wonderful performances in the cultural programme. The first year and second year student teachers of SAMCE, together, gave 3 performances. Around 20 students came together and made the stage shine with their acting skills performing a skit depicting the nativity scene, the birth of Jesus Christ after around a month of practice. Another group of 8 girls rocked the stage with their dancing skills performing for different upbeat English and Tamil carols. Lastly, a group of 10 students-6 girls and 4 boys performed a mash up of Christmas carols that stole the entire show. Because Christmas is a season of giving and sharing, gifts were exchanged among students to show the love and appreciation they have for each other. Christmas cake was then distributed to all students and faculty by the coordinator Ms. Ajumunisha and Physical director Mr. Sivabalan, because everything feels double special with cake and sweets. Though Christmas is widely celebrated by the people who follow Christianity, the concept of any celebration is first and foremost to spread togetherness. To end the celebration with a proper bang, a small not-so-authentic DJ was organised in the multipurpose hall of SAMCE for the SAMGTRANS family where they could let loose and go wild. Though we officially celebrate Christmas on the 25th of December annually, Christmas will always be as long as we stand heart to heart and hand to hand because as we have already established, Christmas is not just a season. Christmas is a feeling.