XIV Annual Day Program @ SAMCE

“Celebration is a confrontation, giving attention to the transcendent meaning of one's actions.” Our existence is all about celebrations.It is important to keep the spark of life alive, Sri Aurobindo Mira college of Education, Madurai celebrated its 14th Annual Day on 11th february, 2023 along with SAM Matric School. Eminent dignitaries were present at the annual day celebration. Mr.sidhu kumar, Music Director,Alumnus of SAM Matric School was the special guest. A Splendid performance was staged by SAMTRANS, who had represented the five elements of nature had brought glory to the stage, it was a spectacular treat to the eyes of all the audience off stage.Students received the Proficiency Prizes ,All rounder awards,Sports awards from our Honourable Chairman and the Special Guest.Best Outgoing student award of the year was received by the deserving student Ms.Shalini,ii Year Student Teacher.It was a great and eventful day for the Whole SAM Family.

Kudos to the award Winners....