To Serve the Nation with Support, Power,Greatness and Kindness,

It’s not compulsory to be an Official Army Officer,    

Be a Personal undercover Solider of your Country instead.

                                   -JATIN KAPOOR

The country evokes feeling of pride and glory in any native and patriotism has been called the most ennobling creeds of all.  One can serve country in many other ways, suiting one’s interest, aptitude and accomplishment.  Emphasizing the importance that “Serving the nation is an individual responsibility”, programme was organized in SAMCE on Saturday  23rd of  January, 2021.  For this motivating session, S. Saravanan, Sub Inspector of Police, Special Branch CID, Ramanathapuram was invited to address the students. He gave a clear outlook of service man and their struggles, he insisted the importance of cleanliness, discipline, hardwork and honesty all together with the united actions are the real source strength for the nation. His words energise the students thoughts that Serving the Nation and Serving the people  will make the difference  in the society.

“Serve the nation with the selfless feeling”

“Nothing liberates our greatness like, the desire to help, the desire to serve”