Teaching is a noble profession. Many individuals with highly inspiring calibre aim to be successful teachers. We have to give individuals equal opportunities so that they evolve as bright mentors and teachers. One such initiative to recruit teachers was done in Madurai, Tamil Nadu.

We had a teachers’ recruitment drive in Sri Aurobindo School, Madurai on 22nd of August, 2021. Different schools in and around Madurai came to our school campus to recruit teachers. The programme was organized by Tamil Nadu private teachers’ association. On the previous day, all the staff of the Sri Aurobindo Institute were instructed by the Dean about their respective duties. All schools which came to recruit, were allotted separate classes to conduct interview and demo class. Many candidates came for the recruitment. It was definitely a memorable event. All the working members of Sri Aurobindo institutions participated with enthusiasm and co-operation to make the event a successful one. We all felt that the job fair was an inspiring occasion for all candidates and schools. The managements of different schools were satisfied by the programme. Due to the covid crisis, all recruitments had come to a halt for some time. We were very happy to welcome the job fair by which many could get a job as teachers in different schools.  All of us enjoyed the programme very much. We would definitely like to have various such fabulous events to occur in our school campus regularly. All the candidates were satisfied by the service given by our school as a host . At 8:00 AM we had the orientation in the auditorium of our school. After the orientation the candidates were required to register for their respective schools and give interview. The demo classes were also taken by the respective schools. There were in total 23 schools which came to recruit candidates for the post of teacher. I heartily thank all the people for participating in the programme.

  Thank you.