Enjoy the little things for one day. When we look back, we realize they were big things. If we want to build ourselves up and high, we have to dig ourselves deep and dry. Stern efforts sculpture a person to a beautiful art. Like an art with so much color, art with unique features. Such efforts have to be taken today and now itself. Seek opportunities like a treasure hunter. Don’t make excuses to grab the opportunity that shines like a sun in your door way. Such many opportunities were laid down for SAMTRANS by our Administrators with gleam of dreams in eyes. To turn those glorious dreams into action, our administrators took magnificent shots to crack it off. Creative thriving minds of Administrators on producing young prodigious people along with the Triumph seeking student teachers made huge success in various spectrums. To appreciate these attempts, all the SAMTRANs gathered with full of happiness and pride on 29th of December, 2021. Our Honorable Chairman, Dr. C. Chandran and Our Director Engineer, Er. M. C.Abilash joined us in SAMCE campus to share this glory. All our students received the certificate of Participation for their staggering participation in Longest Multinational Confluence of 2600+ Hours in Assist World Records Research Foundation which was held between 25th of August, 2021 and 15th of October, 2021. Our Student teachers received their participation certificate for their astounding participation and course completion on AFS Consortium Programme and Online course in Kalrsacademy online university on “Embracing diversity and Tackling Inequalities.”   Education is not only our focus but the overall holistic development is what we aim. Adding crown to this, one of our student teacher from I year received Memento as a blooming Entrepreneur and other one for her excellence as a co-author in many books. Chairman and Director of SAMCE group cheered up all the participants for their achievement with their motivating words to move forward with lot more accomplishments in the upcoming days. The day ended up with hearts full of Contentment and Elated feel. This made the year of  2021 for SAMTRANs a delightful one.