Education is important to life. But life is not all about education. In order to provide a fun experience for the students of Sri Aurobindo Mira College of Education, an educational trip to Kerala was planned and organised.

The 1st place that we visited was the ever famous Allepey Beach.. The sight of the high tides and calming waves was all the magic we needed to cool our temperatures off- metaphorically and literally as the heat was on top of the world that day. After all, nothing compares to the feel of getting hit by an expected wave when you least expect it. After an hour or so of pushing and pulling each other for water fights and group selfies, with wide smiles and beautiful memories, we boarded the bus again to go to Allepey Houseboat station.


we visited the Hill Palace Museum where we learned the lifestyles of people in early days and how important choices and changes are in and to our life. Museums have the ability to bring the past to life in front of our eyes. They don’t just teach history, they teach why history is important.

An hour was spent in the Kochi Marine Drive DJ boat where small events were conducted to engage the students and teachers alike. The DJ was the cherry on top of the day. The amount of happiness that was present in the boat then exceeded the amount of water in the Vembanad Lake.

It was here, in Cherai Beach where we finally had the pleasure to taste the Kerala famous Pazhampori. After an hour of dancing with the waves, the fresh out of oil “Melaga Bajjis” with Pazhampori and a hot cup of Tea did send a shiver down our spine. After we visit India’s biggest shopping mall- LuLu HyperMarket.. It was the LuLu Fashion Week and the size of the crowd present in the market couldn’t go unnoticed. We may go on a different trip to a different place next year, we may have more fun and memories, the entire experience could be a lot different and better, but it would not be the same for the smiles, faces and the members are not the same.