The American College along with Poovulagin Nanbargal organisation conducted a conference on “Youth and Climate” on the 17th of August to create and spread awareness about environment and climate change among today’s youth. After the inaugural address by Mr. Davamani Christopher, the principal of The American College, Honourable MP Mr. Venkatesh and various other Environment enthusiasts on the stage spoke on different topics like “climate change and Governance”, “climate change impacts on bio diversity” and “climate change impacts on food and water”. Environmentalist Mr. Sundarrajan, the chief of Poovulagin Nanbargal spoke about how the youths of today have the rights to our environment and it’s their responsibility to preserve what’s left of our mother land and save the Earth from neighbouring extinction. A lot of important information about the air we respire, food we eat and the place we live were given. The one day conference was filled with overwhelming yet thought provoking facts and knowledge for which in return an oath was asked from the participants- “it’s my world and I shall save it”. Global warming is not a problem that can be solved in a day to postpone now and think about a decade later. This earth birthed us, saved us. Now it’s our turn to save the mother so that she can live longer to see the future generations. Let’s join hands and work together towards small goals to save the little things of nature around us before it’s too late which might one day become a revolution and save our land which is not our right but responsibility.