GLOBAL WATER WEEK - 23.08.2022 TO 31.08.2022

Pure Water is the world’s first and foremost medicine

Water is not just a resource. It is life. And what right do we have to take someone else’s life when we and our own life on this earth are on borrowed time?
Increasing Water pollution and scarcity are not just topics for basic debates or discussions. These are some serious problems that the present generation is fighting against. If we don’t put our best foot forward and win this war now, the future generation would have no place to call it their home. In order to spread awareness about the importance of water and water conservation, Global water week was celebrated from the 23rd of April to the 1st of September at SAMCE by conducting various activities and programmes . To have a wonderful beginning, a Green Club was founded in our college which was inaugurated by Mr. S Kalimuthu, founder of Annavayal Organisation. A lot of saplings were planted in and around the college campus to make the place greener and healthier. On the second day, a guest lecture was organised for the students on the topic Seeing the Unseen- The Value of Water. Mr. Rajesh, an Asst. Prof. from The American College beautifully addressed the gathering on the above mentioned topic and left the students speechless towards the end with a lot of facts and numbers that made us realise the role each of us has to play in saving our mother land. On the third day of celebration, to make the students realise the seriousness of this global problem, group discussions were conducted where students discussed various water related issues and gave solutions for them. On the fourth day, to educate the students in a fun way, some games were conducted- Puzzles and riddles were asked where the students learnt a lot of basic and advanced facts about water and water bodies. On the fifth day, to keep things lighter, a film show was organised where various short films on water related issues and the fight of future generations were shown to the students. The next day, to take this celebration and awareness beyond us, students of SAMCE performed a mime in front of the school students about water conservation. The performance left us overwhelmed as in the end it also showed the struggles the future generation would face, if the problem is not rectified now. On the seventh day, various competitions like rangoli, meme contest and doodling were conducted on themes like “The Value Of Water For People and Development” and “Financial and Economic Value of Water”. This gave us a deep understanding about the students’ interpretation of this world and its issues.
On the eighth day, the last day of celebration, an internal valedictory function was held where students showcased their talents like poem and report writing. Awareness about saving the world, no matter how widespread it is, is not enough as we still are competing with one another for basic survival. Only When the well is dry will we know the worth of water. Let’s wake up when it’s still a bad dream and do our duty for the world that we call our home.