Panel Discussion

Topic: The Present Education System expects the Prospective Teachers to be Skilful or Knowledgeable?"


To make the future teachers of SAMCE aware of the role their opinions hold in this society and the field of education, and to make them get a peek into the lives of teachers, a panel discussion was conducted in the SAMCE campus on the topic “The education system needs the prospective teachers to be more knowledgeable or skilful”. A panel with 4 members- 2 staff members from SAM Matric, also alumni of SAMCE and 2 1st year student teachers of SAMCE batch 2022-2024 tool to the stage to state their opinions in their desired topics. Mr. Anthuvan Gabriel, principal of Aurobana Indian School served as the moderator for today’s session. Compelling and convincing arguments, if they can be called so, we’re made by ask the panelists on whatever they were speaking for. The chairman of the SAM group of Educational Institutions, Mr. Chandran graced the event with his presence and delivered the felicitation address. The way he spoke about the New Education Policy and the requirements of a teacher to be more skilful and knowledgeable to survive in the field of education was really fantastic. Knowledge and skills are different yet, they are codependent. One simply cannot exist without the scaffolding of the other. This message was clearly given to the future teachers and present teachers of SAMTRAN family as teachers play a vital role in the shaping of the society and knowledge and skills play a pivotal role in their teaching learning process.